CTOs: 4 tech trends to watch out for in 2023

by Dries Vandermeulen
As a CTO, it's important to stay up to date with the latest trends and developments in technology in order to make informed decisions about the direction of your company's technology strategy. These are the 2023 trends you don’t want to miss:

#1 Edge computing

Get an edge with faster computing and a better user experience due to edge computing’s proximity to the user, shorter to zero cold starts and improved security. Edge is about processing data closer to the user while harnessing the boundless opportunities of the cloud. Whereas before edge networks were used to get static content like images to users quickly, now computing is also living on the edge. Serverless functions at the edge are faster, even though they have some restrictions.

#2 Open AI

2022 is the year that AI finally broke through and went mainstream. It’s great for setting code questions. If you Google a problem, you end up at StackOverflow. Chat GPT3 (by OpenAI) is replacing that a bit and becoming the Google for techies. Complex AI tools are expensive and difficult to create. As a CTO you can keep your eye on what tools are going to market via OpenAI or other open source initiatives, to see if they’re relevant for your business.

#3 MACH strategy

Finally enterprise is ready to ditch enterprise suits and start adopting MACH , the open and best-of-breed enterprise technology ecosystem. Before the business world was all about total solutions: one ERP system that had to do it all. What you see now is that different API services are chosen instead of one big system. This is better because you can choose from more best-of-class tools. Instead of one solution to fix it all, you can choose the right tool for the right problem.

#4 Infrastructure as code

Infrastructure as code allows you to set up your entire infrastructure through code instead of through manual configuration. See it as a high-definition file that contains everything: servers, databases, the whole lot. Gone are the days of clicking through clunky UIs to set up your infrastructure. IaC follows a process of plan, review and apply. Advantages include improved consistency when setting up replicated environments (production, staging, development), version control and collaboration, reduced time to provision infrastructure and improved security.

What tech trend are you looking to harness in 2023? Drop us a line at info@dashdot.be to stay one step ahead of the curve!

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