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We worked together with design and innovation agency Made to develop the new website for Connections. Transforming them from an offline entity to a digital powerhouse and showcasing their comprehensive offerings online and enabling seamless bookings.


Connections was invisible online, lacking representation of their extensive travel services.


Craft an online presence that not only displays but also allows booking of their vast array of products, integrated with a backend supporting numerous provider connections.


  • From zero to MVP to V1
  • Product strategy & roadmap
  • Blazingly fast website
  • Admin web app
  • Scalable API
  • Infrastructure as Code
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The voyage begins

In a world increasingly driven by digital presence, Connections found itself at a crossroads. The mission was clear: pivot from a traditional travel agency to a digital-first entity. This wasn't just about launching a website; it was about capturing the essence of travel and exploration that Connections offered and making it accessible with a click.

Navigating the digital landscape

The journey was fraught with technical rapids. Integrating a multitude of flight and package providers into a seamless booking experience was akin to charting unknown territories. Dashdot stepped in not just as a navigator but as a co-captain, steering the project towards uncharted success.

Crafting the digital gateway

Our strategy was twofold: create an inviting online storefront and aim to make every product bookable online. This digital transformation was underpinned by a scalable infrastructure, robust enough to handle the complexities of real-time bookings and manual follow-ups by Connections' diligent staff, especially in scenarios like failed payments.

The destination: digital excellence

The outcome was a digital ecosystem that mirrored the vastness and diversity of Connections' travel offerings. Customers now embark on their travel planning journey with ease, exploring and booking their next adventure in a few clicks. This digital odyssey not only elevated Connections' online visibility but also enriched the customer experience, setting a new benchmark in the travel industry's digital landscape.

In this journey with Connections, we redefined what it means to bring a brand online. It's not just about visibility; it's about creating a portal where dreams of exploration and adventure turn into reality.

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