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Go Forest wanted a way to enable their partners to showcase their impact. So that's what we did. Dashdot developed an Impact Dashboard where partners can view, share and embed the impact they generate with their planted trees, all in a neat dashboard.


GoForest needed a way to better showcase the impact of their climate initiatives and allow companies to understand and engage with their work.


Dashdot created a comprehensive platform that not only highlights GoForest's impact but also provides detailed insights into their environmental projects, making it easier for businesses to follow and contribute to climate action.


  • From zero to MVP
  • UI/UX design system
  • Customer web app
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Identifying the need

GoForest was at a pivotal point, seeking to amplify their message and engage more deeply with businesses on climate action. The challenge was to present their efforts in a clear, accessible manner that encourages collaboration and support.

A platform for greater impact

Recognizing the importance of transparency and engagement in environmental initiatives, Dashdot designed a user-friendly dashboard. This platform serves as a window into GoForest's projects, showcasing their contributions to the climate and offering businesses a clear path to participation and support.

Empowering environmental change

The new platform is more than just a showcase; it's a tool for change. It enables GoForest to track and display the progress of their initiatives, providing businesses with the information needed to make informed decisions about their environmental impact and how they can contribute to a greener future.

Conclusion: enhancing visibility for climate action

Through this collaboration, GoForest was empowered to elevate their environmental mission, making it easier for companies to engage with and support meaningful climate action. This platform sets a new standard for how environmental initiatives can communicate their impact and rally collective efforts towards a sustainable future.

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