Elevating patient care through data

Facing a crossroads in healthcare innovation, we engineered LynxConnect to empower LynxCare’s mission, enabling a leap in patient care and research collaboration through advanced AI powered data insights.


LynxCare faced the challenge of enhancing their platform to better connect healthcare providers and researchers, requiring a complete system overhaul to provide a future-proof foundation ready to scale.


Dashdot developed the platform from the ground up, a robust research hub that facilitates seamless collaboration between hospitals and researchers, equipped with a customizable and monitorable gateway for medical documents.


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  • Customer & Admin web app
  • Scalable API
  • Transfer to internal team
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In the rapidly evolving world of healthcare, LynxCare stood at a crossroads. Their ambition to revolutionize patient care through data-driven insights was hindered by a platform that couldn't keep pace with the dynamic needs of medical research and healthcare collaboration. Enter Dashdot, tasked with not just solving a problem but reimagining the future of healthcare connectivity.

The journey begins

The collaboration kicked off with a deep dive into the heart of the challenge. Dashdot and LynxCare took a step back, analyzing the core objectives and the limitations of the existing system. This critical analysis laid the groundwork for what would become LynxConnect, a beacon of innovation designed to bridge the gap between healthcare providers and groundbreaking research.

Crafting LynxConnect

LynxConnect was envisioned as more than just a platform; it was to be a community hub where hospitals and researchers could come together, share studies, and participate in the advancement of medical science. Dashdot meticulously crafted every aspect of LynxConnect, ensuring it was intuitive, scalable, and, above all, effective in fostering collaboration.

A key feature of LynxConnect was its focus on real-time updates and the integration of medical documentation. We implemented a gateway that hospitals could not only configure to their specific needs but also monitor for performance and usage. This level of customization and oversight was unprecedented, setting a new standard for how healthcare platforms could operate.

A new era of collaboration

The launch of LynxConnect marked a significant milestone for LynxCare and the healthcare community. The platform's ability to streamline the research process, making it easier for healthcare providers to access, share, and contribute to medical studies, was a game-changer. The configurable gateway ensured that medical documentation was handled with the utmost efficiency and security, further enhancing the platform's value.

Through the innovative approach and technological expertise, LynxCare overcame its challenges, transforming its vision into reality.

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