Revolutionizing workplace communication

Meet Roger faced a pivotal moment: their mission to streamline internal corporate communication was clear, but their MVP needed evolution. Enter Dashdot, tasked with the challenge of transforming this vision into a scalable reality.


Transform an MVP into a scalable, mature product.


Lead a co-creation sprint as the embedded Chief Product Officer, developing a comprehensive platform for seamless internal communication.


  • Refactored MVP to V1 & V2
  • Product strategy & roadmap
  • UI/UX design system
  • Mobile app (Android & iOS)
  • Customer & Admin web app
  • Scalable API
  • Interim CPO
  • Transfer to internal team
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Meet Roger is an internal communications platform that helps companies connect and engage with their workforce. When they were ready to build a complete product, founder Cédric Vercauteren brought Dashdot CEO Maarten Jansen on board. Cédric explains why Dashdot was the perfect partner to help realize his dream:

Bridge between idea and product

Dashdot has been building the platform from the second year after Meet Roger relaunched, facilitating its first solid version. “I had created minimal viable products (MVPs) and basis concepts in the past, and we were looking for a level of quality that could make the bridge from my dream as founder and make it tangible,” says Cédric. "Dashdot also co-created the features with us."

We were looking for a level of quality that could make the bridge from my dream as founder and make it tangible.

According to Cédric, there may be lots of tech companies out there, but it’s still not easy to find the right one. “It’s clear that there are a lot of quality tech companies out there today. Before I started on the technical aspect, I talked to various companies. I made a decision based on gut feeling. Maarten was the right choice for us: I just felt he could create that bridge between my dream and the solution.”

Tech with a human touch

As Chief Product Officer at Meet Roger, Dashdot CEO Maarten also led the internal transformation of Meet Roger’s teams. “He did a great job with that,” says Cédric. “I met Maarten through a mutual acquaintance, and his human side struck me immediately. He has the empathy to sense people’s needs immediately. That’s the real advantage of Dashdot.”

Cédric continues, “When I talk to Maarten, there’s a lot of human in there, not just a techie. That’s the feeling you get from him too. I’m not a techie myself, I just had a dream and have a commercial aptitude and social skills.” To make his idea come to life, Cédric had many pain points to convert into procedures and structures. “Maarten really had a feel for that,” he says. “He can look at things from my perspective and figure out what I want.”

Proven impact

Building the Meet Roger platform happened in sprints, but always with an eye on realizing Cédric’s dream. The first software prototypes went live in March 2018. “Then we stepped on the gas with product development, delivering features in quarterly sprints,” says Cédric.

The first step was establishing a clear strategy starting with the admin, which has an important facilitating role in the Meet Roger platform. Then came the mobile app, in function of maximum adoption. “We wanted to think multichannel, which is why we included integrations with Slack and WhatsApp,” explains Cédric. “Dashdot had no problem making that happen, all using a very phased approach.”

Customer satisfaction was 93% because the software was working so well.

"The proof was in the platform: customer satisfaction was 93%", says Cédric, “because the software was working so well. We also use Intercom as a tool for our internal support, and Dashdot helped us with that too.”

Looking forward, Meet Roger is going to make a big push for product development to help them scale internationally, for example by integrating with company back offices. They will also complete their transformation to a final internal team.

“Dashdot is going to play an important role there because Maarten knows the Meet Roger DNA,” says Cédric. “If you have big global ambitions, you have to take that step to a strong internal team.”

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