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We assisted talentguide in defining and developing their product, a complex AI B2B SaaS platform, from the start. From prototyping and developing a minimal V1 to advising on hiring and guiding the new team, we did it all.


Develop a complex AI B2B SaaS platform from scratch to match talent with future job opportunities.


Partner with talentguide to define the MVP, assist in strategic hiring, and guide the development of their AI platform that aligns skills, jobs, and educational paths.


  • From zero to MVP
  • Product strategy & roadmap
  • UI/UX design system
  • Customer & Admin web app
  • Scalable API
  • Infrastructure as Code
  • Help hire internal team
  • Transfer to internal team
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The genesis of a vision

Talentguide embarked on a mission to redefine talent matching in an evolving job market, aiming to create an AI-driven platform that anticipates the future of work. Dashdot joined this mission early on, helping to turn a bold idea into a tangible solution.

Crafting the foundation

Our collaboration focused on defining the MVP, identifying essential features, and envisioning a platform adaptable to the changing job landscape. Beyond technical guidance, we also supported talentguide in expanding their team, ensuring new hires could contribute to and eventually lead the project's growth.

The AI-powered solution

Talentguide's platform is powered by AI, analyzing vast datasets to match individuals with job opportunities, considering skills, experiences, and educational backgrounds. This solution is designed for the dynamic job market, preparing users for future roles.

Bridging gaps and unlocking potential

Beyond matching current job openings, talentguide identifies untapped skills and suggests educational paths for future opportunities, helping individuals and organizations prepare for upcoming changes.


Our collaboration with talentguide has been a journey of shared vision and innovation. The platform stands as a forward-thinking solution, not just a product of our involvement but a testament to the power of collaborative spirit in shaping the future of work.

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