The Park's operational transformation

The Park, a virtual reality entertainment hub, lacked a platform for managing bookings and operations. Dashdot developed a custom, scalable solution to streamline management for both users and employees, ensuring future growth and flexibility.


Absence of an integrated system for efficient booking and operational management


A bespoke platform enabling comprehensive management, including the addition of locations, games, and real-time updates, all tailored to The Park's unique needs.


  • From zero to MVP to V1
  • Booking web app
  • Operations web app
  • Scalable API
  • Transfer to internal team
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Crafting a tailored solution: the gap

The Park needed a system that could handle diverse operational demands— from user bookings to managing multiple locations and game offerings.

A custom approach

Off-the-shelf solutions couldn't meet The Park's dynamic requirements, such as multi-currency support and scalability for future expansions. Dashdot built a platform designed for autonomy, allowing The Park to effortlessly manage and scale its operations.

Empowering The Park

The new platform revolutionized The Park's operations, giving employees full control over every aspect of the business. This autonomy has significantly improved operational efficiency and user experience.

Conclusion: setting new operational standards

The custom solution has equipped The Park with the tools needed for seamless operational management and scalability, proving the value of tailored solutions in meeting and exceeding industry challenges.

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